The Perfect Cuppa

Whether you like it steaming, with a dollop of sugar, on ice, stirred with milk or punched with fruity notes, a few minutes of sipping tea lets you slow down and take a moment for yourself-a perfect moment.

We know that your perfect cuppa needs to begin with nothing less than the perfect tea, and that journey of perfection, is one we’ve proudly been on every day since our inception.

Welcome to Logas Tea and experience the 20 years of excellence.

Popular Tea

Logas Perfect Tea

While the name would imply a straightforward cup of the traditional tea from the Northeastern India Logas Perfect Tea is much more.

Din Bhar Tea

Din Bhar is a traditional Indian CTC tea made from leaves grown in the quality belts of upper Assam and the Dooars.

Subha Sham Tea

Strong in flavour and with the ideal aroma to satisfy one's daily refreshment needs, Subha Sham CTC Tea.

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100% Organic

The whole leaf allows for a degree of subtle and wonderfully complex flavors to develop.

High Quality

Currently, at least 90% of our packaging is either reusable, recyclable, or compostable.

Always Fresh

The terroir, climate, soil, care, and dedication of pluckers, and garden managers impact the quality of tea.


ISO 22000 : 2018

We are an ISO 22000: 2018 certified firm. We bear certifications indicating that nothing in our tea production and manufacture is done incoherently.

GMP Certified

This verifies that our products are produced consistently with quality standards in check.

HACCP Certified

This is an international certification that denotes that our products are safe for consumption.

FSSAI Certified

This verifies the maintenance of safety in our product manufacture and production.